The Modern Feudal System: A Vicious Cycle

You owe $130,471 of the national debt, and counting. Every American taxpayer does.

The top 20% of Americans own more than 80% of all assets in the country. And many of them pay only a 15% tax rate.

General Electric, a company worth more than $160 billion, did not pay a dime in taxes last year.

How is this possible? How have things gotten so bad? Corporations and ideologues have sunken their tentacles into government, making it enact laws that are only beneficial to them and hurt us. Top-level government officials often come from large private sector corporations, and as such they often try to help their friends with their administrative positions.

With the Supreme Court’s infamous Citizens United ruling, enormous corporate donations are now considered free speech. This has essentially silenced the voice of the common people, as no single person possesses a comparable amount of money that can be spent on influencing politicians.

The governments of the world spend their resources on controlling gambling in non-producing financial markets and waging war over fossil fuels; meanwhile, billions live in poverty outside of the western “bastions of civilization.”

We are being taxed from every side. The Federal Reserve prints money like newspaper, using it to prop up poorly-run corporations and reducing our and our country’s purchasing power. This devaluation of our currency amounts to an unlegislated tax on each and every person who uses the U.S. dollar. Meanwhile, the mega-rich are able to put their money into more stable assets an influence our politicians, and thus our government. They have become our de-facto barons – they own the banks that own our houses, lend money to our employers to hire us, and run the financial markets.

Unemployment is rising again. After the crash in 2009, the economy briefly (and artificially) recovered due to intervention from central banks. Since then, unemployment has risen again due to uncertainty brought about by the very policies that were put in place to curb it – western debt is at an all-time high and there is no clear solution. Austerity measures, as demanded by rating agencies, will lead to higher unemployment, but further reckless spending will degrade the country’s credit rating and destroy our financial markets and drive up interest rates. Our leaders have dug us into a hole and thrown away the shovel, yet they still keep trying the same failed policies. This is the definition of insanity.

What can we do? We must realize what has caused this: a social force called “corporacracy.” It comes about with the growth of population and the natural way in which human beings organize themselves into groups. This theory (as described on Wikipedia and in literature) explains why we are increasingly at the mercy of the world’s central bankers and corporations, and how we can overcome this modern feudal system manifested in the form of the vicious circle of booms and busts and money printing. The only way that we can make corporacracy work for us instead of against us is to educate ourselves and unite as a force of solidarity. We must create jobs by buying American products, support renewable energy initiatives, and above all else, we must take personal responsibility for our actions. We cannot allow ourselves to be represented by groups with agendas (like our current political parties); we must make our voices heard. Google “Corporacracy” for yourself and see what you find.


About revelationtoo

Gerald Welch is a progressive author living in Madison, WI. After becoming a victim of corporate fraud and runarounds, he decided to write two books, Welcome to Reality and Corporacracy, to share his experiences and ideas. Look for them in stores and online to understand his story and what Corporacracy means to you!
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